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Any Fire Alarm System, even those that have been compliantly designed, professionally installed and certified, require a regular schedule of maintenance to ensure they are performing to the optimal standard.

Do I need a maintenance contract?

Yes, the person responsible for the building has a legal obligation to ensure the fire alarm is serviced and maintained using the correct procedures in accordance with the Fire Alarm Regulations BS 5839.

The benefits of a maintenance contract

Legal requirements aside, making sure your fire alarm is operational and is in good working order ensuring your initial investment isn’t wasted.

Every 3 or 6 months, depending on the size of system you have installed, our Engineers will carry out numerous and rigorous tests, to ensure the correct operation and location of all devices, looking at the original design, we will take into account environmental or building changes, that may require system alterations.

Carrying out these tests will help to reduce unnecessary faults and false alarms that could potentially cause disruptions to your business.

Having a maintenance contract agreement also entitles you to the use of our emergency out of hours call service. Giving you reassurance and peace of mind that there is always an Engineer standby should you require assistance at any time of the day or night.

Non Maintained Systems

The most common faults found are aged batteries that have become corroded and / or split, potentially becoming a fire hazard.

Outdated detection devices, that are no longer functioning correctly.

Newly installed racking or partitioning, impairing detection devices.

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