• Established 1981
  • ISO:9001 Certified
  • NSI Gold Approved

Localised Control

Stand alone access systems are ideal as a more cost effective solution for business’s that require localised control of a single or limited number of doors.

Restricted Access

Ideally suited to restricting access to areas, either because of value, safety or hygiene the most common applications include: -

  • Small business premises wanting to restrict access to a small number of specific doors, such as Staff Entrances or Server Rooms
  • Engineering / Manufacturing companies operating a “Clean Workplace Policy”, necessitating a division between office and factory employees
  • Schools with a requirement to safeguard maintenance stores housing cleaning equipment, chemicals and tools
  • Sports Clubs segregating equipment stores
  • Business parks with multiple occupants needing to restrict access to the car park via a barrier system.

Internal & External Doors

As we only install IPX7 rated proximity readers and keypads, our systems can be installed on external doors as well as internal.


Should you wish to upgrade the system to a networked version at a later date, this can easily be achieved by simply replacing the controller for a networked version and installing the applicable software. All other hardware e.g readers, emergency break glass units and fobs can remain unchanged.

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Free system design & advice

We offer free system design and advice, so whether it’s for insurance or personal requirements, our consultants have the knowledge and expertise to advise on all aspects of system design, installation and ongoing maintenance.

Beginning our consultation with a full risk assessment of your property and appraisal of your requirements, we will ensure you receive a truly bespoke service that reflects your needs not our wants.

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