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Why Choose an Addressable System

Choosing a fire alarm system isn’t just about adhering to legal requirements; it’s also about choosing the best system for the intended application, which is why an addressable system will always outperform a conventional system in a larger building, or where a larger quantity of detection devices are required.


Using a more intelligent control panel with an alphanumeric LCD display, an addressable system is as the name suggests addressable.

Each device connected to the panel, be it a Sounder, Call Point or Detector will have its own unique address that will be displayed on the systems control panel to register a fault, pre alarm or fire condition.

Eliminating “Seek and Search”

As an addressable system has the means of pinpointing the exact location of the fire, the fire marshal would have the ability to immediately identify the precise location of the activating device.

In eliminating the need for “seek and search” the fire can either be contained more quickly using localised extinguishers, or in more serious circumstances the Fire Brigade can be called.

Integrated Roll Call

In the event of a Fire, it is a priority to ensure your premises have been fully evacuated and all staff and visitors have been accounted for.

Integrating your Fire Alarm System to a PC Based Access Control System with strategically located external Muster Points will allow your staff and visitors to assemble at their designated fire point, and present their fob or card to the reader.

Once completed their status in the roll call report changes from 'missing' to 'safe', confirming to the Fire Marshall the building has been fully evacuated.


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