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Fire Prevention

Fire prevention for commercial premises is of the upmost importance. Anyone responsible for a business premises, whether it be as an owner, landlord, employer or facilities manager must ensure fire risk assessments are carried out regularly by a qualified professional, and the measures recommended are actioned.

If you don’t follow fire safety guidelines, you could end up being fined or imprisoned.

Conventional Fire Alarms

As the entry level of fire alarm systems, a conventional fire alarm is typically installed in premises with limited numbers of detection devises and / or a smaller square footage.

Incorporating Manual Call Points, Smoke and or Heat Detectors a conventional system is designed and installed using a “zone” format.

A system installed in a small two storey office would usually consist of 2 zones, with all devices on the ground floor being zone 1 and all devices on the 1st floor being zone 2.

Reporting a Fire

In the event of a fire alarm activation, the systems control panel will indicate via an LED display which zone the activation has occurred in.

A site map located next to the control panel will allow the fire marshal to identify the area of the building currently in alarm, and take the necessary action.

Seek and Search

As a conventional system has no means of pinpointing the exact location of the fire, the marshal would have to search the zone to either locate the activated device or the fire, increasing the “seek and search” time, making them unsuitable for larger premises, or premises with numerous detection devices.

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