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Once access has been restricted to an external door via either a PC Based or Stand Alone Access Control System, there will still be occasions where visitors or delivery drivers will need to be received.

An Audio / Video Door Entry System will allow a nominated person or group of people to admit or deny access to your premises from their work station via a desk or wall mounted handset, removing the need for staff to physically open the door.

Video entry systems

The most secure of the entry systems, Video Entry allows you to visually identify anyone requesting access to your premises.

The built in audio facility also allows your staff to speak with the visitor, and enquire further about the nature of their call and identity, prior to admitting or denying access.

Smart Technology

Our video entry systems can also be registered as a SIP client on a SIP Network, allowing your users to receive the video and audio feed from the entry panel, to their smart devices or desktop pc’s.

Audio entry systems

Typically installed as a lower level security feature, in multi occupancy buildings with a controlled reception area, audio entry systems are fitted to the final entry door into an office or area when a visitor is already expected, and visual verification is not required.


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