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A monitored CCTV system not only provides you with a more efficient and cost effective alternative to a static security guard or mobile patrol, it also gives you peace of mind that your premises are being monitored 24 hours a day.

With a mixture of fixed and fully functional cameras connected to external movement detectors and video analytics, anyone trespassing onto your property will alert our monitoring centre, whose operators will dial into your system, review the live footage and notify the police, keyholder or security as required.

Public Address System

By linking a Public Address System to your CCTV, the monitoring station will be also able to issue a verbal warning to any would be thieves, informing them that the Police and key holders have been called.

In most cases this is enough to discourage anyone trespassing on your property from attempting a break in, resulting in reduced damage and impact on your business.


Key in reducing false alarms, video analytic software has evolved to ensure only genuine alarms are passed to our monitoring centre.

By ruling out environmental factors such as overgrown shrubbery, foxs, shrink wrap from pallets of general refuse that cause the majority of false activations, video analytics will ensure the cameras will only focus on and transmit images associated with genuine alarms.

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Free system design & advice

We offer free system design and advice, so whether it’s for insurance or personal requirements, our consultants have the knowledge and expertise to advise on all aspects of system design, installation and ongoing maintenance.

Beginning our consultation with a full risk assessment of your property and appraisal of your requirements, we will ensure you receive a truly bespoke service that reflects your needs not our wants.

Get in touch today for a free quote

01902 403 003
MON-FRI 8:30-5:00