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Smokecloak Tamworth – Select Alarms

Smokecloak is an effective and easy way to prevent any theft in your property. If an intruder enters your property without permission, the Smokecloak system releases an extremely dense white vapour that looks like smoke, and instantly reduces the visibility in the room. Within seconds the intruders are unable to see anything which means they are left trying to manoeuvre their way back out of the building without stealing anything. The ‘smoke’ means they have to move much slower than usual and may get stuck there until the authorities arrive. Not only has this helped to prevent many thefts, it has also detained the intruders long enough for the police to make an arrest. We are able to install Smokecloak in Tamworth and the surrounding areas, where it has already become a huge success.

Effective Smokecloak installation Walsall

The system is connected to the mains supply and once the alarm is triggered the system is activated. When installing the system we calculate the area so we can see how much vapour is needed to fill the area, this is especially important so that the area is sufficiently covered, therefore restricting the visibility in case of a potential break in.

Being a recommended product of Secured by Design, the official police flagship initiative, you can be sure this is a safe and reliable deterrent to prevent theft. For more information on our Smokecloak installation in Walsall call us on 01902 403003, our friendly and helpful staff will be able to answer any questions or queries you may have.

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