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Top 3 Benefits of Access Control Stafford

Just because you are dealing with a commercial property doesn’t mean that the security measures should be any different to those inside your home, however it can be surprising just how many unwanted intruders are allowed access to a building simply because the doors are left unlocked and nobody is guarding who can enter. While it is a major inconvenience and possibly even more of a risk to provide everyone with a key, the access control Stafford we supply here at Select Alarms can offer the security you need and bring about many benefits – some of which are mentioned below:


Ensure you know who comes in and out


Intruders know that most owners of a commercial property will not be locking the front door due to ease of access and not to inconvenience themselves, their employees or any clients that may be visiting – and can therefore use this opportunity to easily make their way inside unnoticed and take whatever they are looking for. Implementing access control on a single door or throughout a much larger property will control who enters your building while also allowing employees or clients to enter with ease by using a simple keypad, key card or intercom.


Total Control


Our access control system doesn’t just mean that you will know who is entering and exiting your building, but by only using the highest quality brands such as Paxton, BPT and Videx and their latest systems, you are provided with complete control from the comfort of your desk – with the ability to update all doors, add users, change users and control access permissions all in a matter of seconds.


Peace of Mind and Security


These benefits of our access control Stafford mean one thing: that everyone inside your property will be much safer and you can relax with the peace of mind that you know exactly who can and cannot gain access to your premises.