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Which CCTV System Should I Purchase?

CCTV systems are one of the most common deterrents a property can install against opportunists; but with so many different options it can be confusing what to choose for the better. Firstly, deciding on what you require from your CCTV is important as each type of system will offer a different level of security.


So what is there available? We at Select Alarm Systems will discuss three common types of CCTV.


A Stand Alone Solution
Remotely Monitored System
Internet Protocol (IP) CCTV


All of these options offer something different in terms of security; but which is the best for your needs?


Stand Alone Solution:


One of the more common systems, this solution can provide you with numerous cameras installed on your premises which are then linked up to a network. This means you can capture any movement that occurs around your premises in your absence and 24/7.


This solution is perfect for smaller organisations that want to monitor their premises but don’t have the budget for any of the advanced security solutions.


Remotely Monitored System:


This system is slightly more advanced and can act as a digital security guard for your property. The cameras are fully functional with monitoring occurring both on the perimeter of a property as well as protecting the building through movement detectors.


Addition to this, in the event of an intruder entering your property, this system will notify the Police and verbally warn the intruders that the key holder and Police have been informed.




Some see these types of systems as the future of CCTV due to their advanced ability to transmit data through various networks. As well as this, they also boast of performing better than other forms of CCTV and offering easier installation makes them versatile for many businesses. Not a particularly new product, the reason these cameras have become so advanced within their field is due to the developments in technology overall meaning there abilities can be utilised more as a whole.


You can read more about all of the above systems on our CCTV page, or call us to enquire about any of our services through the various methods on our website – we look forward to hearing from you.