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What is the law about fire alarms in offices?

Fire alarm systems and extinguishers should always be installed in the workplace. They should be regularly tested and maintained in order to ensure that they will work in the event of a fire hazard. Professional fire alarm testing companies are able to provide the necessary checks and logs to ensure that your company complies with the current government legislations. Failure to follow these rules could be very dangerous in the event of a fire and could cause serious legal problems.

Evacuation Plan

All staff should be briefed on the company’s evacuation procedures. All of the staff should know exactly what to do and where they should gather in the event of a fire. The plans should be displayed in clear view on an office wall so that staff and visitors can view the plans with ease.

Risk Assessment

As a business you are always expected to carry out a substantial risk assessment to make sure that you are adhering to the current rules and regulations. The results of this risk assessment will then make it clear whether or not you will need to carry out changes in order to make the area a safe place. Certain procedures may need to be implemented and a management plan should be carried out in order to ensure a sufficient safety level in the workplace. To carry out a risk assessment you can download the relevant documents from the government fire safety website. The forms provided explain how you can pinpoint potential hazards and evaluate the risks.

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