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FAQ: How Does a Smoke Cloak Work?

The basic principle behind the SmokeCloak system is that if you can’t see it, you can’t steal it!
When an alarm is triggered, the heating element inside the SmokeCloak converts a mixture of water and liquid glycerol into a dense security fog. This harmless dry smoke rapidly fills the room and shields your valuables from view, making them much more difficult to locate.
Creating a visibility of no more than around 30cms, the thick vapour leaves any intruder disorientated and confused. They will be far less able to navigate around your premises and much more likely to head back towards the exit as quickly as they can.
Once you arrive on the scene it only takes 20 minutes to air the room and have it ready for use again, with no lingering smell and no residues. The whole system runs on very little electricity and can be used over and over again with minimal maintenance.

But is it Safe?

Absolutely. The fog released from a SmokeCloak is created from a specially designed glycol formula that is present in household items such as skin creams and toothpaste. The vapour will not damage your IT equipment, electrical machinery or furnishings and it won’t harm anyone who comes into contact with it.
With a SmokeCloak incorporated into your security system you can rely on an instant reaction that will stop a burglary before it’s carried out. None of our SmokeCloak customers have ever suffered further loss after installation, so we would happily recommend it as a worthwhile investment.
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