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Perimeter security

We can secure the perimeter of you property using the following methods: fire alarm

  • Fence detection systems
  • Buried cable detection systems
  • Microwave detectors
  • Photoelectric beam systems

Perimeter security allows you to keep unwanted intruders away from your property

Electric fencing

fire alarm

An electric fence system produces a high voltage "safe" electrical pulse which are transmitted along an array of tensioned wires When touching the wires an intruder would experience a short sharp shock, which is usually enough to deter most intruders. If the intruder were to persist an alarm condition is raised through the control unit and a key holder will be notified.

Automated Gates, Barriers & Turnstiles

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Here at Select Alarms we can provide you with a wide array of physical security measures, from automated gates for small residential properties to large barriers and turnstiles for industrial buildings. We are sure we will have the right solution for you, so don't delay and get in touch today.

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Public Address Systems

Public address systems utilise microphones, amplifiers and speakers to provide audio announcements to personnel or the general public They can also be used to broadcast radio and music via MP3 and IPod connectivity. This application is suitable for most premises. Linked to your CCTV System it can also be used by a central monitoring station to issue warnings to any intruders detected.

fire alarm

Induction Loop Systems

Empowering the Hearing Impaired

The Induction Loop System was designed with the sole purpose of enabling the hearing impaired to hear more clearly!

How it works

A single cable is installed around the perimeter of a room or listening area to form a loop. Both ends of the cable are connected to an amplifier, and either singular or multiple microphones are installed (dependant on the room size and function), to receive the direct sound source. The current passed from the induction loop amplifier powers the cable which creates an electromagnetic field. By setting their hearing aid to the T or MT position, any hearing impaired person within or near the loop will be able to hear sound more clearly.


Anyone hearing impaired standing within the loop, who has a hearing aid set to the correct position will be able to hear more clearly, enabling them to participate more easily. System sizes range from "person to person" contact in places such as Banks, post offices and ticket booths to theatres, cinemas, churches and conference halls. Movement within the loop is unlimited as the user is not wired to the equipment via a headset.

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