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CCTV Systems

Watching your premises while you can't

CCTV has now become one of the most powerful tools in reducing crime, protecting property and people. Utilising the latest technology Select Alarms can install a CCTV System tailored to your needs.

Stand Alone Solution

This solution provides you with a number of cameras installed at your premises linked to a Digital Video Network Recorder, allowing you to capture images of any movement around your premises 24 hours a day.

Remotely Monitored System

A remotely monitored system provides you with an alternative option to an on site security guard.

With a mixture of fixed and fully functional cameras connected to external movement detectors or perimeter security protection, this will allow our monitoring centre to notify the police, keyholder or security company in the event intruders were to access your property.

By linking a Public Address System to your CCTV, the monitoring station will also be able to issue a verbal warning, informing the intruders that the Police and key holder have been called.

All images and events will be recorded at our monitoring centre and to the digital video recorder on site.


IP CCTV (Internet Protocol) Systems have a number of advantages including:

  • Mega Pixel Record Quality
  • Use Of Existing Data Cabling (which reduce installation times)
  • Network Systems
  • Wireless IP Compatibility
  • Simplified Installation Of Additional Cameras due to the scalability of the IP systems
Dome CCTV CCTV camera facing forward CCTV camera on brickwork
CCTV CCTV CCTV camera recorder CCTV camera