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CCTV Wolverhampton – Select Alarms

With 60% of businesses affected by crime every year, it is a clear indicator that some sort of security protection needs to be put in place. CCTV systems are an ideal choice, as not only do they capture any movement or criminal activity around the premises making it easier for the authorities to act, but they also act as a deterrent for many intruders or burglars thinking of targeting your property.

Many criminals and vandals will often steer clear of a property with a working CCTV system as it is more likely to increase the chances of them being caught. For this reason many insurance companies are in favour of CCTV systems and may reduce your insurance premiums so you could be saving a significant amount of money. Our ideal location means we can easily install CCTV in Wolverhampton and the surrounding areas.

CCTV Installation Stafford

Our professional installers working in Stafford can provide quality CCTV installation for your home or business. We have two types of CCTV systems:

Stand Alone: This is where we install a number of cameras at your property, which are linked to a Digital Video Network Recorder. Recording 24 hours a day, it will capture any movement around the premises.

Remotely Monitored: A combination of fixed and fully functional cameras which are connected to perimeter security protection or external movement detectors. This means that if there is any unauthorised movement around the property our monitoring centre will be able to contact the police, security company or the key holder and advise them on the issue. A verbal warning can be issued to the intruders, alerting them of the arrival of the authorities.

For more information on CCTV installation in Stafford and Wolverhampton, call us today on 01902 403003.


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